Accelerationring in the central area of the Galaxy
Albert Bünger - Artlenburg

1. Spiral-Arm with blue lightning young StarsStar in the foreground A Spiral-Galaxy in the background Components of the old star-material was taken along with the Dark-Dust-Material-StreamYou can see the Dark-Dust-Material-Stream inside of the Spiral-ArmsCentral area with yellow lightning old Stars and the oval Acceleration-Ring. Sound: Click here2. Spiral-Arm with blue lightning young StarsSpiral-Galaxy in the background

ESO-Photo: Galaxy NGC6872

Spiral-Galaxy with 2 arms and an elliptic Accelerationring in the central area of the Galaxy. The material in the Dark-Clouds was generated from the Accelerationring. You can see it at the inner side of the Spiral-Arms. The generated material in the Dark-Clouds consist of all elements of the Period-System. They were generated during thermo-nuclear processes and collected in the oval ring. Part of the material don't follow the narrowing curve of the ring and eject out of the Acceleration-Ring. The Back-Impulse of the ejected material is so vehement, that the central area of the Galaxy is forced to turn. In the outer peaks of the Galaxyarms you will find the material from the earliest eruption.

Spiral-Galaxy with branches at the outside of the two Galaxyarms.

Der Beschleunigungsring wird von den Sternen im Zentralbereich überstrahlt
ESO-Photo: Galaxy M83

You can recognize the streams of Dark-Material-Clouds in the both Spiral-Arms of the Galaxy. The young star-population glow blue and the old star-population glow yellow. You cannot see the Accelerationring in the Center-Region.

Spiral-Galaxy with two Spiral-Arms and a fast rotating Center-Region.

ESO 269-57
ESO-Photo: Galaxy ESO269-57

You can recognize the speed direction of the ring, if you follow the dark stripes from the inner to the outer side of the ring.

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