Development of Solar-Systems
Albert Bünger - Artlenburg


Example of a developing Solar-System with view on edge.

In front of the background of light-emitting inter-stellar gas, people have taken photos from objects, which are similar to the sample above. People have discovered them in the clouds of dark material of a Galaxy-Arm.
Theory of their generation: Parts of the dust of a Dark-Material-Cloud condensed to a turning disk. In their center a lot of material was concentrated, so that the gravitation could accumulate the hydrogen of their environment. From a certain quantity of concentrated hydrogen, the atomic fusion-process has started to convert the hydrogen into helium. A new sun was born. The now beginning sun-wind blows against the dust, which is still drifting to the center. Thereby the roaming dust is further condensed. Little and big dust-particle adhere to another. Reason for that is the adhesion- and cohesion-force. The growing heaps generate an increasing gravitation and an accelerating collection of roaming material. Planets and their moons develop in this period. Shock-waves and magnet-fields, coming from the sun, could increase these processes.

Example of a developing Solar-System with view on top.


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