Developmentsteps of Spiral-Galaxies
Albert Bünger - Artlenburg

ESO-Photo: NGC6809
1. Developmentstep
NGC6809, Stars condense to a spherical Star-Accumulation.
ESO-Photo: NGC4594 with Halo
2. Developmentstep
Spiral-Galaxy NGC5494 with Halo.
A spherical Galaxy was developed to a Spiral-Galaxy. The stars which are moving to the center don't match the absolutely center-point. They are circling around themselves, colliding together and changing their impulses to rotation-impulses.
ESO-Photo: NGC6872
3. Developmentstep
NGC6872, a Galaxy with 2 arms and with an elliptic Accelerationring in the central area of the Galaxy was in progress of development. Inside of this ring, you can recognize the generated dark material.
ESO-Photo: NGC1365
4. Developmentstep
NGC1365, Galaxy with 2 arms is turning round the center. This Galaxy has done the conversion from the elliptic to the oval form of the central ring.
ESO-Photo: NGC5427
5. Developmentstep
NGC5427, the center turns faster than the outer part of the Galaxy. You can recognize branches at the outside of both Galaxy-Arms. The lower branch is the elder one.
ESO-Photo: NGC2997
6. Developmentstep
NGC2997, the arms of the Galaxy are spreaded out. You can see one branch at the outside of the lower Galaxy-Arm. You can find this branch at the outside of the Galaxy-Arm only.

The displayed Galaxies have a different age. In the Theory about the Development of the Spiral-Galaxies it is explained, how the arms of the Galaxy have been developed.

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